Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boys and Girls Library- Newton MA

Welcome. The Historic Boys and Girls Library of Newton Massachusetts and its adjoining park were first given to the City of Newton in the 1940's. This was formerly the home of  John Chaffin Estate. Abutting this property is Farlow Park, Eliot Church, and Chaffin Park, along Vernon Street in Newton Corner. They also established a fund to assist children in Newton with further education. The home became the Boys and Girls Library in Newton Corner Massachusetts.

Up until May 2008, the Boys and Girls Library was a public library under the Newton Free Library. It has since been closed.  The Trustees of the Newton Free Library and the Director, Nancy Perlow, decided to close all of the four historic branch libraries gracing the City of Newton, with little to no support from its citizens, but support of outgoing Mayor David Cohen. They claimed it was due to the defeat of the over-ride, although the Newton public never voted on these closures.  

The four branch libraries remaining after the building of the 1991 Main Library were:

Auburndale Branch Library
Newton Corner Branch Library (aka Boys and Girls Library)
Nonantum Branch Library
Waban Branch Library

In the summer of 2009, the Auburndale Branch Library restructured with volunteers to become the Auburndale Community Library. In September 2009, volunteers restructured the  Waban Branch Library to become the Waban Library.

The two libraries remaining to be reopened are the Boys and Girls Library in Newton Corner and the Nonantum Library.

In August 2009, we watched as a packing truck took away the books, storing them in the upstairs attic of the building. We were told the YMCA rented it for a year. This moving of our books appeared to have violated the agreement of the City of Newton's Alderman to not touch our books, and keep it all intact. Further, the purpose of this building was to serve the public, not private commerical interests. 

It is with sincere hope we will be able to reopen this beautiful historic branch library again.
Our community loves and misses Tai, our librarian. Children from Underwood School and Bigelow wrote very touching letters about how important this library has been in their lives.
The library is located in a most amazing location, between a middle school and elementary school, adjoining a new renovated tot lot on one side, and adjoining the historic Farlow Park and playground on the other side. Lets look at how we can move this library open again, possibly with a private-public partnership with our Friends of NCBL group, with a new group to fundraise, or with other events bringing people from other communities to Newton Corner. Libraries are for everyone. Please join in advocating to reopen our branch libraries. Hope you enjoy some of these pictures. 

Some of the photos were taken in August while a moving company packed up our library books. Others were taken of our 911 Memorial Peace Garden in Chaffin Park, showing off the new accessible walkway. Still others are taken of showing off the new rose bushes planted during Newton Serves in 2009. We love our library. Enjoy the photos. 


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911 Memorial Peace Garden

911 Memorial Peace Garden
Chaffin Park, Newton Corner